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High Fives for our End of Year Rally

High Five!

Kady celebrates a great round of show jumping with mum Emma

Kady is one of our leadline riders, along with our first ridden, many of whom are just off the lead. They all had a fantastic time taking part in a 35cm show jumping course.

Big thanks to Jeanette Hatch, our show jumping coordinator, who assembled an actual jumping course out on our grass arena.  Kicking the rounds off nice and low allowed our young riders to gain some experience out on a show jumping course. With some mums in tow, our young riders had no problems getting around the course, with much cheering from our older riders gathered at the sidelines.

(left:) One of our super mums and Ruby doing the show jumping round as well!  Great support all around from our riders parents.

(above:) Evelyn having a great time

Fancy Dress Competition

Peoples choice overall winner Chanel

Halloween continued this year for our fancy dress competition

Our members really made the judges decisions difficult this year with a great turnout of costumes. This is certainly one of the highlight of our club year with everyone gathered in front of our clubhouse to watch the parade. The club wishes to thank all our members who competed this year, as they put in so much effort and the costumes were all great.

Dragon Cup Games

Thanks to our instructor Jill for setting up a round from her Dragon Cup competition.

(Right:) We did have a super dad helping our leadliner Willow through the course

The course set up required the riders (and parents!) to negotiate a number of jumps, western bend down and back up through a line of witches hats. Then back over the jumps to the start/finish line. A number of rounds were timed to challenge our riders, which required even faster parents.

(above:) Sarah on Star during the 90cm Show Jumping

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held and from that our 2017 committee has been appointed. We have some new members joining the committee for next year and some existing committee members taking on new roles.  It is great to have fresh faces on the committee and our members getting involved with the running of the club and its events.

Let the Games Begin!

To finish our the day we had an afternoon of games. With cup races, bending, flag and ball and cone. Big thanks to our chief coach Kelly for running this event on the day. It looked like everyone had a great time.

“It’s a Knockout Winner”

This year Mia gladly accepted the trophy for the winning team in this years games. The “It’s a knockout” trophy started back in 1990 when we would have just plain fun games during our last rally of the year.

“The Boot”

This is our perpetual trophy for the last place team in our end of year games, this year being accepted by Kady