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Rider Safety – Helmets

Does Your Helmet Meet PCAWA Requirements?

Before we get stuck into our 2017 year at Baldivis Pony Club, we would like all our members to familiarise themselves with their helmets.  Like must of us, you probably don’t put too much thought into it, right? It still fits ok, hasn’t got any damage, and you’ve had it for years.

But did you know, you need to replace your helmet after 5 years?

This is from the 2017 PCAWA Gear Checking Handbook:

Age: Follow manufacturer’s instructions. i.e. ASA/NZS 3838 advises that helmets have a usable life
of 5 years, and those that are used very frequently may require earlier replacement

When did you last check the manufacture date?

Well, we want you to do this early this year as our first rally is around the corner. As part of our gear checking we will be checking all riders helmets, why? For a few good reasons:

  1. PCAWA Insurance – This is a big one, we must ensure that our riders comply with the gear checking rules in the event there is an accident involving a claim.
  2. Duty of Care – The Baldivis Pony Club has a duty of care to ensure the safety of our riders, adhering to the gear checking handbook will ensure that this duty of care is observed. This applies to far more than helmets.
  3. Rider Education – By involving our riders in the process of obtaining manufacturing dates and helmet standards will equip them better for the future.

Buying a New Helmet

So, you need to buy a new helmet, but standards, what do they all mean?

This can be confusing for many when selecting your new helmet, there are so many standards.  There is only one standard that can be difficult to understand and that’s the

EN1384 is one standard that can be misleading. You can still buy a new helmet with this standard, provided it is less than 5 years old, but it cannot be manufactured after 2015. If the manufacture date is after 2015, then this is not correct, and doesn’t meet standards set out by PCAWA.

Unfortunately manufacturers are confusing the matter by still including this standard, but adding the VG1 standard to it ( see the picture to the right).  The inclusion of the VG1 standard makes this OK, as this is a current standard supported by PCAWA. Some helmets may boast multiple standards, so long as one of them meets the current PCAWA list, then it’s OK.

You will find the popular equestrian retail stores are familiar with the standards and stock approved helmets.

Getting Prepared For The First Rally

If you are confident about checking your own helmet then we would encourage you to do so. If it needs replacing, and you have time, then we would love you to do so before the first rally. We will still run through checking helmets to ensure our riders, not just parents, are familiar with them.

To help you here is the Helmets section from the current Gear Checking Handbook: